About Us

What is KITA MADE? 

Meet the team!

‘Kita’ means ‘we’ in the Malay language. It holds a different meaning compared to ‘kami’, as ‘kita’ includes all of us. Kita Made is a Malaysian brand that looks to unite our people by deepening our appreciation for our local culture. We hope to celebrate our Malaysian identity by re-introducing our batik culture from a modern perspective. Inspired by our rich heritage, Kita Made aims to create versatile clothing with timeless designs for all occasion. We hope to inspire you just like how each and every one of you, inspired us.

Our Mission


As proud Malaysians, we want to inspire the world with our traditional batik and hope that as a brand, we ourselves can always maintain our identity and try to inspire as many as possible. 

We want to help you find the beauty in simplicity, because we truly believe that simplicity, when carried out to an extreme, becomes elegance.

And elegance, is the one true beauty that never fades.  

Never Settle for Mediocrity

At Kita Made, we believe that our customers deserve the best materials and our products is made to last. Therefore we put in a lot of effort to guarantee maximum comfortability and quality.